How To Easily Manage PAN and TAN for your business?

Hello! I’m Ajit Bisthoundar from LawFT. If you’re stepping into the business world or sorting out your taxes, there are two friends you need to get familiar with: PAN and TAN. Let me break these down into simple bits for you, so you understand why they’re super important for your business.

So, what’s PAN? PAN stands for Permanent Account Number. It’s like your tax ID here in India. You can think of it as your financial fingerprint that you need for all kinds of money matters, whether you’re opening a bank account, filing taxes, or making big transactions. It’s unique to you and stays the same no matter where you go in India.

Then we have TAN, which stands for Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number. This one’s a bit different. It’s needed when you have to cut taxes from payments you make, like giving salaries to your employees or paying vendors. It’s all about making sure the government gets its share of taxes right when the transaction happens.

Now, you might wonder, do you need both? Absolutely, yes! Here’s why:

  • When you apply for a TAN, you’ll need to give your PAN details. This way, all your tax activities are neatly tied to you, keeping your financial world orderly.
  • Think of PAN as the first step. Without a PAN, you can’t even think about getting a TAN. It’s like laying down the foundation before building the house. Once you have your PAN, you’re all set to dive into more complex tax stuff, like getting your TAN.

So, how do you go about getting these? Here’s a simple plan:

  • Start with getting your PAN. It’s your gateway to the financial world in India, not just for taxes but for a whole lot of other financial activities.
  • Once you have your PAN, you can go ahead and apply for your TAN. Remember, you’ll need to show your PAN when you do this, so they’re linked together.

Why are these so important for your business? Well, having your PAN and TAN in order is key to keeping your business’s tax affairs smooth and compliant. Whether it’s paying your team, dealing with suppliers, or declaring your business income, these numbers make sure everything runs like a well-oiled machine.

To wrap it up, understanding and having your PAN and TAN is crucial. They’re not just numbers but essential tools for making sure your business can thrive and stay on the right side of tax laws in the bustling marketplace of India. With these in your pocket, you’ll find navigating the world of taxes a whole lot easier.


  • PAN: Identity, address proof, and incorporation certificate.
  • TAN: Form 49B and proof of business existence.
  • Typically, both are issued within 15-20 working days, depending on document verification and processing efficiency.
  • Yes. Update PAN details via NSDL or UTIITSL. For TAN updates, use the NSDL website's "Correction Form" for any changes.

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